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Author name: Abbas Mangalathayil Alippa

I'm Abbas, the founder and visionary force behind Desert Dreams Turf Landscaping & Swimming Pools LLC in Dubai. With over 17+ years of multifaceted experience in landscaping services, landscaping designs, interior designing, and construction, I have established a legacy marked by excellence and innovation. Over the past two decades, I've navigated Desert Dreams to be a trusted name in Dubai's landscaping scene. Specializing in bespoke landscape design, high-end hardscape construction, and the seamless integration of water features, we create environments that seamlessly blend beauty with functionality. My mission is to elevate outdoor living experiences by marrying aesthetics with practicality. From crafting residential oases to contributing to commercial landmarks, I thrive on turning ideas into breathtaking realities. I'm passionate about sharing insights, answering landscaping queries, and engaging in discussions about the art and science of creating captivating outdoor spaces. Let's connect and explore the world of landscaping together!

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